The Thompson's were both born and raised in Miami, Florida. After marrying in June of 1980, they traveled to various mountain areas over the years on vacations. They loved the North Carolina Mountains and decided to someday make it their home with the goal of raising a family there. They worked overtime at their jobs in Miami, saving their money, to some day make their dream come true. In their travels it seemed as if no matter where they stayed they were lacking something, whether it be privacy, a wood burning fireplace, firewood, a hot tub, creeks, trails, or a kitchen, they could never find a place that seemed to offer it all. It was then that the vision of the Fall Creek Experience was born, as they embarked on their dream: a log cabin vacation rental destination that would offer all the amenities that they themselves loved and would want themselves in a vacation getaway.
                After searching for eight years for the perfect piece of property to build their dream vacation rental destination, they finally found the perfect piece of property. A fifty-four acre tract of land located by the rushing state stocked Fall Creek trout stream.  The property had a meandering creek, abundant wildlife, privacy, and waterfalls on the land.
                Thus they began, still from Miami, working with a local contractor to put in a one mile stretch of private road, a wooden bridge, and eventually the construction of three cedar log cabins. With their guests enjoying the secluded mountain paradise and seeing the need for an additional cabin, they then added a fourth cabin, which overlooked the creek. They also, during this time, were able to begin their dream of starting a family, with the birth of their son Zachary.
                The Thompson's were now able to relocate from Miami to North Carolina, in the nearby town of Fleetwood, just minutes from the cabins in Ashe, NC. Finally, here in the beautiful scenic Appalachia, they could now be "hands-on" managers of the cabins. Soon after relocating they began construction on an additional two cabins.  The increased demand for cabins was a result of having so many guests return time and time again and tell others about the Fall Creek Experience of a "secluded paradise".
                Their dream of a family, in tandum with the expansion of Fall Creek Cabins, was also underway with the birth of their daughter, Kaessey.  During this time the final two cabins were built, bringing the total to eight log cabins. Additionally, the Thompson's purchased an additional 24 acres of surrounding land to add to their rental destination for a total of 78 acres.